Consumers choose sustainable packaging

Consumers choose sustainable packaging

More than 2 out of 3 consumers claim to be more environmentally aware than 5 years ago[1]and, as a consequence, they pay attention and focus on sustainability of product packaging. 

The reasons? Climate change and the accumulation of waste in the seas, together with other media campaigns, are raising consumer awareness of environmental issues.

Market analyses confirm that, when making a purchase, people pay more attention to the environmentally friendly policies implemented by individual brands and retailers.

How consumer behaviour has changed

The overall increase in the production of goods and, especially, the on-the-go ones, with a consequent rise in pollution, as a function population growth in many areas of the world, are factors that have emphasised the main environmental issues. Global warming is one of the many consequences of a growth that has not addressed the problem of sustainability over the last few decades.

People have already started to behave more responsibly in order to better protect the environment, starting with the sorting waste for more effective collection. Data emerging from consumer behaviour surveys confirm the increase in attention paid to this issue.

Consumers choose sustainable packaging

There are multiple reasons. First, there are social networks, through which consumers acquire information about the environmental impact of the packaging of various products. Therefore, companies need to understand how the reputation of a brand, which is committed to sustainability, changes.

Sustainability is a strong factor: in recent years, over 50% of people have stated that they are attracted to brands that have chosen to focus on eco-sustainable packaging.

Consumers tend to associate products that have green packaging with a high level of quality (premium-less).

IPI's solutions in the field of sustainable packaging

IPI, as a leading company in the field of aseptic carton packaging, is perfectly in step with the evolving trends of the market. IPI, which is fully aware that today the environmental sustainability of packaging affects consumers' purchasing choices, offers a much more sustainable multilayer aseptic carton solution compared to others.

First, it is renewable, as up to 90% of the raw materials come from renewable sources. This is due in particular to the weight of the paperboard, the biopolymers contained in the multilayer structure, inside the bio-based caps and the paper straws.

Second, it is responsible: IPI's aseptic carton has low CO₂ emissions. Moreover, the paperboard contained in the multilayer packaging is FSC® certified, and IPI is certified against ASI Performance Standard.

Third, the composition of IPI's aseptic cardboard packaging makes it recyclable


Consumers choose sustainable packaging

For all these reasons, choosing IPI solutions means endorsing consumers' choices and enhancing the value of marketed products that care about the planet.


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