Bio-based polymers in IPI multilayer packaging

Bio-based polymers in carton bricks

Bio-Based Polymers

We are one of the leading suppliers of aseptic packaging solutions to have cartons made almost entirely of renewable raw materials in our product portfolio. The weight of the raw materials of vegetable origin of our long-life bricks is in fact up to 90%! This noteworthy result is due to the use that IPI makes of bio-based polymers derived from sugar cane, which are used to replace mainly plastic polymers of fossil origin used in the multilayered structure of the packaging material and caps, as well as the fact that the main material is paperboard.

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Using bio-based polymers for carton packages

The plant-based polymers guarantee the same performance as the fossil-based polymers, both as regards the preservation of the packaged product and as regards the functionality of the caps. At the same time, coming from renewable sources, they ensure an even higher renewability of the packaging.

bio-based polymers in multilayer packaging
bio-based polymers in IPI structure and caps

What is the role of biopolymers in our bricks?

Simple, to make cartons bricks an even more renewable packaging, by doing the exact same work done to date by polymers of fossil origin.

Aseptic carton packaging is made up to 72% of paperboard. The remaining constituent materials are aluminium foil and polyethylene (plastic) which is also used for the production of caps. Polymers ensure protection from moisture and, together with aluminium foil, prevent oxygen migration, ensuring product freshness and preservation of its organoleptic properties, allowing for long shelf life at room temperature. 


Thanks to the use of plant-based polymers, IPI's aseptic cartons protect milk, juices, water and other beverages and liquid foods in the best possible way - as only long-life bricks can do - but using renewable materials to provide customers and consumers with green packaging.

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