Verso un packaging rinnovabile al 100%

Towards 100% renewable packaging material

Towards 100% renewable packaging material

reVIVO IPI srl

Increase of % of cellulose fibers on carton bricks

Even more paperboard-based packages

One step of our sustainability roadmap is to develop a package in which the weight of the paperboard compared to other materials is even greater. Our packaging material is about to become even lighter and easier to transport,  while providing perfect preservation of the product at room temperature. More renewable, more ustainable, closer to the needs of businesses and consumers. 

Increase of % of bio-based polymers on carton bricks

Aseptic carton bricks with only bio-based polymers

We provide our customers with aseptic carton packaging already containing a significant percentage of bio-based sugar cane polymers, cutting the use of plastics both in the packaging structure and in the cap. Our R&D works hard to increase even more the use of bio-based polymers, to completely eliminate plastic polymers and fossil-based plastic from our aseptic carton packages.


Use of alternative materials

We make sure the aluminium we use is managed responsibly along the supply chain while trying to make the aluminium foil inside the brick thinner and thinner. At the same time, we are testing alternative materials to replace it in order to provide customers with the environmentally sustainable packaging: 100% renewable, recyclable and composed entirely of responsibly managed raw materials.

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